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Effective Irrigation System

Get a Full Line of Quality Irrigation Products

At WF Landscape Service, we use primarily products from Hunter Industries products for our services. Hunter offers an expansive selection of irrigation products like large commercial-type rotors and small spray heads.


Depend on us to beautify your lawn. Timely irrigation is the key to a lovely lawn and landscape. Call us today for irrigation installation services.

Depend on Us for Extensive Irrigation Installation

  • Hold an initial meeting with the client to discuss their irrigation project 

  • Evaluate site 

  • Create a design for the client 

  • Collaborate with you to fine-tune the design 

  • Schedule start and finish dates

We can install a well-designed sprinkler system for best results!

We offer FREE Irrigation start-up

Irrigation 1.jpg

Spring Irrigation Startup

  • Check the performance of all valves

  • Check the performance of sprinkler heads

  • Check irrigation coverage

  • Check rain sensor

  • Make necessary adjustments and re-program irrigation controller

Irrigation 2.jpg

Summer Irrigation Monitoring

During the summer months, we'll reset the controller. We'll check the entire system for optimal performance.

Irrigation 3.jpg

Irrigation Winterization

  • We will drain the whole irrigation system

  • We'll check the backflow preventer to keep it from freezing

  • Check the system for any problems

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