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Take Advantage of Our Program for Integrated Pest Management

Let us help you get rid of the pests in your irrigation land. WF Landscape Service has created a fertilization program to keep your land healthy and fertile throughout the year.


You can depend on our technicians to inspect your land and apply fertilizers every six to eight weeks. We also offer curative and preventative pest controls. Once your existing pest problem declines, we'll implement a program called integrated pest management.

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WF Landscape Service is a family-owned business that was founded in 2008. When you choose us, you'll get a full warranty for all our services. Call us now!

Take a Look at Our Yearly Program

  • STEP 1: Spring (mid-March – mid-May): Balanced liquid fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed control is added as weeds become active.

  • STEP 2: Late spring or early summer (mid-May – early July): Balanced, timed-release fertilizer, surface insect controls, and preventative grub control after June 1. Broadleaf weed controls could also be applied to actively growing weeds.

  • STEP 3: Mid-summer (early July – late August): Balanced, timed-release fertilizer and treatment for any insect activity. For those who received Step 2 prior June 1, preventative grub control is applied. Weeds will be treated if weather conditions are favorable.

  • STEP 4: Late summer or early fall (late August – early September): Balanced fertilizer treatment, inspection and treatment for insects as needed, weed controls to help eliminate any lingering problems coming out of summer.

  • STEP 5: Fall (early October – late November): Granular fertilizer to help strengthen grass plants as they move into winter dormancy. This also helps lawn recovery in early spring. Late-fall treatment.

The Components of Integrated Pest Management

  • Prevention

  • Inspection

  • Identification

  • Treatment

  • Evaluation


IPM is the most effective approach to eliminating pests from your land. We have moved away from “spray everything” method that has side effects. We use this treatment specifically to the land where insects or diseases have become a problem.

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Spring and Fall Deep Root Fertilization Program

Did you plant ornamental trees and shrubs and they did not bloom or grow as you would have wanted them to? The reason could be lack of nourishment that could have boosted their growth. 


Don't take chances; call the experts at WF Landscape Service for fertilization process that'll help your landscape bloom to the fullest. We have two fertilization program:

  • Spring Fertilization: Balanced, time-released fertilizer injected directly into the root zone to encourage plant hardiness and vigor, along with helping to improve blooming of flowering trees and shrubs.

  • Fall Fertilization: A second application of balanced, time-released fertilizer injected into the root zone. This will help in recovering from summer stresses as well as improve over-wintering of your plants.

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Supplemental Trees and Shrubs Care Services

  • Pest control treatment: Removes insects that damage foliage and effectively suppresses disease pathogens.

  • Spring dormant oil: Helps you control mites and scale insects.

  • Flea and tick: Thorough removal of fleas and ticks from your lawn. Specially designed to be effective on the American dog tick and the deer tick.

  • Perimeter pest control: Don't let those pesky pests enter your property by letting us provide your home with a barrier treatment. This treatment can be done during spring, summer, and fall.

  • Anti-desiccant treatments: Anti-desiccant sprays will help prevent moisture loss from your evergreen plants by creating a layer of an organic sealant. This way your evergreen plants stay protected during harsh winters. 

  • Deer repellent treatment: This treatment helps you control the deer population during late November and December in and around your landscape.

  • Lime/Solu-Cal treatment: Healthy turf can't grow properly on soil that is naturally acidic. With this treatment, your soil will be sweetened with lime. This will in turn help improve your lawn's color and density. Opt for this treatment for a lush landscape.

  • Disease control treatments: This treatment is essential if your lawn has been infected by diseases or insects. If there is a severe outbreak of lawn disease, call us. We can perform this service all year round.

  • Suprsoil liquid soil conditioner: An organic, liquid aeration compound. This product contains 11 different types of biodegradable polymers, which will work their way through 100% of the soil profile. This will help reduce soil compaction more effectively than mechanical aeration alone. As a result, your soil will be better conditioned to absorb nutrients and will have better drainage capacity. This service can be performed at any time during the season.

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