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A hardscape is design that is constructed using natural and man-made, non-living materials. Hardscape includes landscaping details such as stone or concrete walkways, decks, retaining walls, patios, potting containers, and other landscaping designs that use stone, wood, sand, pebbles, brick, metal, and other similar materials.


Hardscape is a very important part of landscaping, and every well-planned landscaping project includes at least some hardscaping. For example, wooden garden boxes can be considered hardscape, as can stone retainer walls and any other landscaping details that use man-made or non-living materials.


Many landscaping and gardening projects and designs would be impossible without at least some hardscaping, such as preventing erosion and water runoff through the construction of barriers, elevated areas, and improved irrigation.


It’s important to keep drainage in mind as you design hardscape details because you may need to include artificial drainage and other details to keep your soil quality high and to give your plants the appropriate amount of water to grow and thrive. Properly executed hardscape is beneficial to your garden, your landscape design, and to your local ecosystem. Some horticulturalists are opting for more hardscape than landscape for their properties, as it can help save water while maintaining a more beautiful property.


Hardscape may also be used in indoor gardens, as the right pots, planters, and other details can turn your indoor garden into a beautiful display that adds life and vibrancy to any room. Some common hardscape materials for indoor gardens include pebbles and sand, decorative planters and pots, shelves and racks, and fountains.

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